STEPHEN FRY:“Divinely silly and enchanting.”

ERIC IDLE:“I really love this book. It’s very smart and very funny. Suitable for all ages from eight to midnight.”

MATT LUCAS:“A hilarious, original and beautiful story that made me cry with laughter.”


Can a slug learn to play the piano, even though he has no hands? Can a slug defeat an army of nasty, evil Christmas-hating slug-squashing Pigfrogs? Can he trick a beautiful fairy into fancying him for long enough to marry him and live happily ever after?

Probably not, but if you don’t try…

Step with us into the crazy world of Don’t Be So Ridiculous Valley (which is actually a hill) and to Woodland Land, home of two married fairy helicopter pilots, Nigel and Dotty Farnsbarnes.

Yep, there’s a ton of fairies and slugs in this book, no question.


A4 hardback coffee table-style richly illustrated book to be published on 30th September 2019 by London Street Books in association with Mango Books.

Available from this website, Amazon and all good bookstores at £20.00

Pre-order before 30th September (at £25.00+p&p) to receive a limited edition signed and individually-numbered copy and other goodies not available in the shops. Choose your delivery location from the menu below to pre-order now:


MIKE BATT, LVO is a best-selling English singer-songwriter, musician, arranger, record producer, director, conductor and author. Having achieved substantial international success as a solo artist he is particularly known in the UK for creating The Wombles pop group, writing many hits including the chart-topping “Bright Eyes”, and discovering multi-million selling singer Katie Melua. He has also conducted many of the world’s great orchestras, including the London Symphony, Royal Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, Sydney Symphony and Stuttgart Philharmonic in both classical and pop recordings and performances. “The Chronicles Of Don’t Be So Ridiculous Valley” is his first, erm, novel. He has ginger hair and is medium-sized.